Port of Moerdijk is fully familiar with different flows of goods. Our stevedores are achieving incredibly fast turnaround times. Thanks to the excellent port facilities, you will soon be on your way from here to your next or final destination.

Familiar with a wide variety of cargo

Moerdijk is the largest inland seaport for semi-finished products and (scrap) metal. It is familiar with many different types of cargo: dry bulk, liquid bulk, containers and general cargo. Break bulk is also an important segment within the Port of Moerdijk.

The dry bulk consists primarily of minerals, sand, types of stone and waste. Slurries, ethylene, propylene and styrene make up a large part of the liquid bulk. Metal and metal products constitute the largest part of the transshipment of containers and general cargo. A growing flow of goods is formed by biomass, such as wood chips, biodegradable plastics and fertilizer. Biomass consists of the biodegradable part of agricultural crops and residues and waste from agriculture or forestry and it is being increasingly used as a fuel for power stations.

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Stevedores Moerdijk


Moerdijk Port has excellent storage and transshipment facilities.

• Various quays with a total length of 5 km.
• Draught up to 8.9 metres in the central harbour basin and 8.4 metres in the other harbour basins
• 32 metre wide Ro-Ro ramp
• 48 metre wide Ro-Ro runway
• Fluid-tight loading/unloading pit with overflow device
• Weigh bridge 70 tons
• Mobile loading bridges (with and without pontoon)
• Mobile container with overflow device
• General cargo cranes up to 42 mt (combined up to 65 mt)
• Cranes up to 40 mt, 60 mt crane, Gottwald HMK 300E
• Floating cranes (12-25 mt), mobile cranes (5-25 mt), container crane, bridge crane (15-25 mt)