Four modes of transport

Moerdijk Port, the fourth seaport of the Netherlands, is a very interesting short-sea port with a growing number of connections. The Port and Industrial Estate has four transport modalities: road, water, rail and pipeline. This offers a high level of flexibility for businesses shipping via Moerdijk.

These modes of transport connect Moerdijk directly with the underlying regions and the European hinterland. Moerdijk is designated as a core port in the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T) and lies within the European goods corridor Amsterdam-Marseilles.


Directly connected to the North Sea and various inland waterway routes

Moerdijk is directly connected with the sea. It is the most inland port in the Netherlands. Via the Dordse Kil, Oude Maas and Nieuwe Waterweg, the sailing time to the open sea is less than four hours. Inland, Moerdijk is connected to various inland waterway routes including the two most important waterways in the Netherlands: the Rhine and the Meuse. These provide a direct connection from Moerdijk to all the inland waterway routes from and to the European hinterland.


Moerdijk Port is connected to the pipeline network for transporting (petro-)chemical products and gases. The pipeline network connects the industrial complexes of Rotterdam, Moerdijk, Vlissingen and Antwerp with each other.


Moerdijk is located at the junction of a number of motorways

Moerdijk is located at the junction of a number of motorways. It has direct connections to the A16 (Antwerp-Breda-Rotterdam), A59 and A17 (Moerdijk-Roosendaal-Antwerp). These are connected to important East-West connections such as the A15 and the A58. Thus the European hinterland is easily accessible.


The port and industrial estate can make use of two public rail terminals in the area. Furthermore, various businesses in Moerdijk have their own rail connection and their own loading/unloading platforms. For more information about these public facilities, please contact: One Stop Shop Nederland, tel. +31 30 235 93 22, email or