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In Moerdijk, companies experience a favourable business environment and know how to find each other by means of collaborative platforms.

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The Moerdijk Industrial Estate Business Group (BIM)

The Moerdijk Industrial Estate Business Group (BIM) looks after the interests of the entrepreneurs established at the Moerdijk Port and Industrial Estate. More than 90% of the established companies are members of this association. The association regularly organises meetings for its members regarding current developments at the port and industrial estate. Furthermore, the association invites leading speakers to discuss subjects relevant to the industry. Further information can be found on the BIM website.

Port of Moerdijk Business

Our company magazine Port of Moerdijk Business presents companies located at Moerdijk or companies which have a relationship with Moerdijk itself. The magazine has a total circulation of about 22,500 copies which are mainly distributed to companies and local authorities in the region and are addressed to the final decision makers such as the owners, directors and managers. Drechtsteden Business handles the editing and distribution of the magazine.

For a copy, advertising opportunities or a free subscription to Port of Moerdijk Business, please contact them via