The Port

The Port of Moerdijk is surprisingly versatile. It is used for, and is familiar with, a wide variety of cargo. Over 400 companies do business from the port area, ranging from chemical companies to logistic service providers and manufacturing companies. Having no less than 4 modes of transport at their disposal, you can reach the entire world from Moerdijk. 


Port of Moerdijk is fully familiar with different flows of goods. Our stevedores are achieving incredibly fast turnaround times. Thanks to the excellent port facilities, you will soon be on your way from here to your next or final destination.

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Four modes of transport

Water Pipeline Road Rail

Moerdijk Port, the fourth seaport of the Netherlands, is a very interesting short-sea port with a growing number of connections. The Port and Industrial Estate has four transport modalities: road, water, rail and pipeline. This offers a high level of flexibility for businesses shipping via Moerdijk.

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Establishing at the Port of Moerdijk

Excellent facilities

The Port of Moerdijk has plenty of room for new business activities within the various parks: Logistics Park Moerdijk, Industrial Park, TradePark, Seaport and EcoPark. Please contact us immediately to discuss the best location and facilities for you.

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Companies in Moerdijk

In Moerdijk, companies experience a favourable business environment and know how to find each other by means of collaborative platforms.

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