Inland shipping

Moerdijk Port is connected to the two most important waterways of the Netherlands: the Rhine and the Meuse. These provide a direct connection from Moerdijk to all the inland waterway routes from and to the European hinterland


Notification inland shipping

All inland waterway vessels must report to the Moerdijk Port Authority port service. The Moerdijk Port service takes care of the direct contact with the vessels via the marine telephone, channel 12, and via telephone +31 168 38 88 74 or +31 168 38 88 88.

You can only occupy the mooring after obtaining the permission of the Port Service.

Practical information

Information about cleaning operations, repairs, vehicle drop location and your waste.

In Moerdijk, it is only allowed to perform repairs and paint work for a vessel after written permission has been obtained from the Port Master. Exemptions are possible and can be requested from the port service of the Port Authority Moerdijk

Vehicle Drop Location
The moorings at the Roode Vaart only have a jetty (no provision for hoists) for moving vehicles on and off.

Ship-generated waste
There is a domestic refuse container for domestic waste at the public moorings at the Roode Vaart. Industrial waste is waste from the engine room such as bilge water, used oil, filters, used rags and used grease. It also includes waste from vessel maintenance and small hazardous waste such as paint remains and batteries.  

There is mobile internet available in the Roode Vaart and in the Zeemanshuis at Port of Moerdijk. You can get a subscription at With these subscription you can gain access to the wifi-hotspots at all participating ports.

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Inland port dues

Inland waterway vessels that use Moerdijk Port are obliged to pay inland port dues. For further details see Fees Regulations.