The organisation

The combination of the available space, industry and its ideal location with regard to the sea and inland waterways means that Moerdijk Port offers ample opportunities for further growth. Focusing on the environment and nature, the Moerdijk Port Authority is actively working on the development of sustainable logistics and process industry. Moerdijk Port is an important economic driver for the region, offering direct and indirect employment to about 16,000 people.

The Moerdijk Port Authority is responsible for organising the process of development, design, construction, distribution, exploitation, management and expansion of Moerdijk Port. We also like to share our knowledge and experience with third parties.

Governmental organisation
The Moerdijk Port Authority is a governmental organisation. We contract out the execution to our high quality suppliers. Where necessary, we bring in extra capacity and expertise. As a result, our compact team is able to react quickly and flexibly to opportunities and developments. In this way, we believe that we can provide the optimum service to our customers and other accounts.

Organisation chart