Quality of life

How do we preserve and improve the quality of life of the Moerdijk Port and Industrial Estate and the local environment? We do this by actively engaging in dialogue about our environment. By sharing information about activities on and around the estate. And in actively collaborating in improvement projects.


Moerdijk Neighbourhood Council

Good neighbours

The Moerdijk Port Authority strives to achieve good relations with its neighbours. Regular meetings are held between neighbours, the Port Authority, companies and the Stichting Behoud Buitengebied Moerdijk (Foundation for Maintenance of the Moerdijk Outskirts) about the activities taking place at the Port and Industrial Estate. The Neighbourhood Council agenda includes subjects such as reducing inconvenience and providing a clearer view of projects and the opportunities and problems associated with living next to an industrial estate.


For more information, contact the secretariat of the Neighbourhood Council, burenraad@havenschapmoerdijk.nl or tel. +31(0) 168 - 3888870.

Smart monitoring

Environment Monitoring Report

Each year since 2000, various bodies and highly polluting companies at Moerdijk have jointly presented the Environment Monitoring Report. In this report, activities regarding energy, air, water, waste, hindrance and nature are compared with previous years.

The report helps to make clear what influence the business activities around the port and industrial estate have on the work and living environment and trends and developments are made evident. The monitoring report also presents the results arising from the sustainability projects that have been carried out and what opportunities are still available. For more information, please visit the website of Duurzame Verbindingen Moerdijk.

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Environmental certification

Since 2005 the Moerdijk Port Authority had its environmental management system certified in accordance with PERS.

PERS is an initiative of Ecoports and ESPO, and stands for Port Environmental Review System. PERS has been developed as a tool for ports during the implementation of an environmental management programme. PERS is based on internationally recognised „best practices‟. PERS has been designed in such a way that it can develop along with the developments within the port and that it can serve as a basis for the implementation of the more broadly based ISO 14001.

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MoerdijkMorePossible (MoerdijkMeerMogelijk)

The economy and living environment hand in hand

This initiative is made up of nine plans which together offer opportunities for the economy and the living environment. In June 2009, the Municipality of Moerdijk, the Province of North Brabant and the Government signed an administrative agreement to bring these plans to fruition. For more information, visit the website.


Air pollution detectors monitor the air quality

Nearly thirty ‘air pollution detectors’ at the port estate accurately monitor the air quality. These e-noses are equipped with sensors that constantly detect the presence of various substances in the air. Changes in the air quality are reported to the environmental complaints centre and to the other stations connected to the network. The e-noses are an effective tool for investigating odour complaints and as an early warning system for changes in the air composition.

The e-noses are a collaborative venture from the Environmental Service Mid and West Brabant , the municipalities of Moerdijk and Strijen, the Province, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, the Port Authority, Shell and ATM.

Would you like to know more about this subject?

Then contact the Environmental Service Mid and West Brabant (OMWB):

Arian van Weerden, Project leader at the OMWB, a.vanweerden@omwb.nl

Theo Visser, Air specialist at the OMWB, t.visser@omwb.nl

Kees Simons, Complaints service OMWB and operational application, k.simons@omwb.nl


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Noise pollution has become a focus of attention. If the port grows in the future then noise pollution must not increase. Thus, in Klundert, the Port Authority is working with the municipality and the National Forest Service in the Netherlands towards the reestablishment of a green buffer. This provides soundproofing and offers new recreation opportunities. A study is being carried out that is looking at the market for noise emission rights. For example, one company sells decibels to its neighbour. Thus, a price is put on producing noise. This makes companies more aware of their noise production.


Despite the measures taken, it can happen that companies or vessels in the harbour or in the industrial estate create a nuisance. You can notify this to the Environmental Service Mid and West Brabant (OMWB). Telephone number +31(0)13 - 206 05 00.