Sustainable ecology

Moerdijk Port is situated in a very special scenic but also vulnerable area. Industry and other port activities place an unavoidable load on this environment. Moerdijk Port together with its partners has a concrete policy in place and carries out all sorts of projects and takes measures to strengthen this landscape and nature.

Nature within the port estate

orchids and swallows colonies

Within the port estate, nature gets the chance to flourish. Moerdijk Port invests in a number of different ways: with green buffer zones. With butterfly strips and ecological mowing management.

Also: by entering into suitable agreements with government bodies which reduce the complexity of rules and simplify procedures. These stimulate companies to take environmentally friendly initiatives. Such as temporary development on fallow land which later - without cumbersome procedures - can be put into use. Many companies within the estate are actively involved in the development of the natural environment. The largest swallow colony in West Brabant is now located in Moerdijk thanks to the construction of embankments on industrial estate.

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Preserving the landscape

Green buffer zones

Moerdijk Port is situated on the edge of various nature reserves in an open landscape. Moerdijk Port wants to preserve the landscape and the special flora and fauna in the area.

We therefore invest in the beautiful landscaping of the port with lots of greenery around the estate: the green buffer zones. The trees and shrubs in these zones remove the fine particles from the air and lessen the noise coming from the industrial estate. At the same time, they strengthen the nature reserves in the area. The green buffers are part of the ecological corridor that runs along the port. In the future, the buffers will also be accessible to walkers and cyclists. Do not be surprised if one morning you come across a deer or a buzzard.

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