Sustainable port

Development and growth are possible only if they occur in balance with the environment. This awareness is widely shared at Moerdijk. By entrepreneurs as well. They find ways to reduce their ecological footprint and to limit nuisance. The Port Authority of Moerdijk cooperates with entrepreneurs, authorities and other parties in order to achieve sustainable goals. In this way, the Port of Moerdijk is evolving into the most sustainable port of Europe.

Making sustainable connections

Creating synergy

Moerdijk aspires to be a front runner when it comes to sustainability. Performances are raised to a higher level by crosslinking the sustainability goals and initiatives of everyone who can contribute. Within the Sustainable Connections Moerdijk Programme, authorities and companies are working together on the implementation of a large range of initiatives.

Finding smarter ways to deal with waste water. Examining the possibility of using CO2 from the port to heat a residential area or greenhouse complexes: Energy Web XL. But also: organising meetings and sharing successes. By appointing ‘front runners sustainability’, entrepreneurs are stimulating themselves and each other in terms of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. 

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Becoming greener and reducing costs

Energy Web

At the Port of Moerdijk, the circular economy is given concrete shape in the form of the development of an extensive network of sustainable connections between companies: Energy Web. Companies are exchanging raw materials and residual streams.

Heat, CO2, steam and water. Unexpected, profitable connections are made: a candle company keeps paraffin in liquid form using heat from an adjacent, sustainable waste processing plant. A little further down the road, a chemical company receives CO2 from its neighbours for the production of lime slurry. Companies thus spare the environment while simultaneously reducing their costs of production. Energy Web is becoming a full coverage network, the end result of which will be: a completely energy-neutral site in the future.

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Smart monitoring

To measure is to know

The activities in the port and on the site clearly exert pressure on the environment. Together with the Sustainable Connections partners, the Port of Moerdijk is mapping these effects as accurately as possible, among others by drawing up a yearly environmental monitoring report.

The Environmental Monitoring Report describes the impact of activities at the port and on the site on water, air and nature, for example. Other measuring instruments are also used, such as e-noses: ‘electronic pollution detectors’ on the site, which detect substances in the air. Irrefutable figures help entrepreneurs to find cost-effective solutions that minimise nuisance and further reduce the environmental impact. They also provide insight into new sustainability opportunities that companies and authorities may capitalise on together.

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Clean transport

Plenty of choice

The Port of Moerdijk offers many possibilities for sustainable transport.

The existing short-sea lines, the direct connection to open sea, the excellent connection to numerous inland waterways and the rail network make it easy to make a sustainable choice for water or railway transport. The system of pipelines for chemical raw materials and final products is a cheaper and, more importantly, safer alternative to the more environmentally taxing road transport.

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Sustainable thinking

Smart design

For the Port of Moerdijk, sustainability is a way of thinking and acting. It is the driving force behind all of our actions, for example: the design and spatial planning of the port site.

By creating clusters of companies with similar activities, we increase the chances of synergy with regard to sustainability. By carefully considering the way we allocate and use on-site space (for example, by actively acquiring lots and assigning them selectively), we avoid nuisance and unnecessary frequent transport on the site. The environmental space also is used sustainably and efficiently. In that way, we prevent noise nuisance and contribute to the continuity of businesses at the same time.

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