Safety and security

The Port of Moerdijk excels in safety. It has several focus points in this regard. The Port participates in a comprehensive safety program that includes different regional and national safety partners. Due in part to a professional fire brigade, a brand new, innovative alarm system, smart enforcement policies and a modern communication centre, Moerdijk provides an excellent safety performance. It is also among the best secured ports in the Netherlands.

Moerdijk Safe Programme

Safety partners join forces

An A for safety. That can only be achieved with joint forces. The Municipality, the Province, the Port Authority of Moerdijk and the Safety Region have therefore combined their expertise.

Sharing a bright, joint focus on safety, they have been working closely together since 2012 in the ‘Moerdijk Safe’ Programme: a comprehensive and coherent package of safety actions and measures.

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Innovative alarm system

Extremely rapid alerts

Moerdijk is the first port in the Netherlands to work with CBIS, a brand new alarm system that rapidly sends customised alerts to companies via e-mail and text messages in case of an emergency or disaster.

The system links a database with details of specific characteristics and risks of the companies on the site to current circumstances, such as the weather, or the direction of the wind. CBIS provides companies with information that is specifically tailored to their individual situation. As a result, companies can act immediately by shutting down their production process or bringing their employees to safety, for example. CBIS is an additional safety system and operates conjointly with existing systems, such as Infomailer, Alarmmailer and the Control Room.


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On-site professional fire fighters

Active 24X7, with a maximum response time of 6 minutes

As of 2013, the Port of Moerdijk can dispose of a private, professional, on-site fire brigade. This department has been specially educated and trained to cope with disasters at BZRO companies (companies with a high risk for serious accidents) that produce, use or store chemical products.

The fire brigade is active 24X7, with a maximum response time of 6 minutes. Using state-of-the-art equipment and new fire floats in and near the port, the fire brigade is perfectly equipped to handle fires and other disasters. The fire brigade is a public-private partnership, paid for by public authorities and companies.

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On-site medical care

Port Health Centre

New at the Moerdijk Port and Industrial Estate is the Port Health Centre. This medical centre offers companies that are located on-site offer professional medical assistance in the event of accidents.

Companies can call on the Centre for different specialist medical services, ranging from General Practitioner care and vaccinations to travel advice and medical examinations related to offshore, chemistry or chemistry. The Port Health Centre Moerdijk is housed in the fire station at the Moerdijk Port and Industrial Estate.

General telephone number: T +31(0)168 - 784 000
Emergency telephone number accident assistance: T +31(0)168 - 784 111
Visiting address during business hours (8.00 am - 5.00 pm): Plaza 21, 4782 SL Moerdijk
Visiting address outside business hours: Westerstraat 41, 4791 HT Klundert

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Best secured port

Cutting-edge security centre

The Port of Moerdijk is one of the best secured ports in the Netherlands, according to a recent audit.

This recognition is the crowning glory of many years of investing in safety and security. A cutting-edge communication centre (HMCC) is staffed 24X7. At the centre, sixty cameras are keeping close track of all traffic and movements in the Port and on the site. State-of-the-art software further increases security with automatic number plate registration and the weighing of passing vehicles. The collected data are linked to police databases. Automatically controlled gates around the entire site offer customised security. In this way, the Port of Moerdijk creates a climate in which entrepreneurs may do business free of concerns.

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Foundation for the Security of the Moerdijk Industrial Estate (SBIM)

Moerdijk has ensured its safety and security in a well-organised an collective manner. The Foundation for the Security of the Moerdijk Industrial Estate provides for the security of the Port and Industrial Estate. This includes providing surveillance services, monitoring access roads and escape routes, camera inspection, disaster alerts and prevention advice, for example.

For more information, please consult the SBIM website.