Room for logistics

Due to its strategic location, the Port of Moerdijk is a pre-eminent logistical hotspot. All the required space is given to logistic activities at the TradePark and Distriboulevard. A new Logistics Park to be developed adds extra room: designed especially for companies that add value to raw materials and goods. The field of value added logistics is given optimal room to grow in Moerdijk.



New Logistics Park Moerdijk

Directly connected to water, road and railway

The new Logistics Park to be developed in Moerdijk offers room for large-scale storage and distribution, as well as value added logistics. It creates new opportunities for synergy for logistics companies and makes possible extensive interaction down the entire logistics chain.

Logistics companies can take their (final) products even closer to the customer and find new, smarter solutions for their just-in-time deliveries, their specific packaging and conservation requirements, and the specialised processing of raw materials or products. Logistics Park Moerdijk is scheduled to include lots for business of 5 hectares and more in size. For port-related logistics, lots will also be made available to businesses that are smaller than 5 hectares. The park is planned south of the Klaverpolder Junction (A16/A17) and will be directly connected to the port facilities. As a result of this, a fully connected network of inland waterways, sea, railway, roads and pipelines will be in place.

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Logistics hub

The strategic location of the Port of Moerdijk makes it a powerful logistics hub. Intercontinental cargo reaches Moerdijk directly by sea, or via the mainports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. As the extended gate, the Port of Moerdijk is optimally accessible via these mainports.

Multi-modality (transport by road, land and sea) and combined transport ensure fast and efficient traffic to and from a wide variety of European destinations. Large and small flows of goods come together in Moerdijk, are packaged, bundled, cooled, stored or processed, then find their way to the customer in a safe, fast and efficient manner.

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Opportunities for Value Added Logistics (VAL)

Moerdijk combines a strategic location with an excellent business climate for logistics companies. At the Distriboulevard and TradePark West, many large and small logistics companies have plenty of room to do business and to grow, 
supported by numerous facilitating service providers.

With an excellent infrastructure at their disposal and water and quays just around the corner, as well as a government that lends its full cooperation to make possible the establishment of new businesses. Companies that focus on value added logistics are grabbing their chance. Assembly, construction, finishing, processing, repackaging and packaging of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished goods: everything is possible at Moerdijk. The success of TradePark and Distriboulevard will be continued in the form of a new logistics park.

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Award-winning hotspot

The Port of Moerdijk is a unique location for logistics companies. It is for good reason that this region, West Brabant, receives logistics awards year after year.

The Port of Moerdijk provides a unique combination of three fine qualities: a strategic location in relation to the mainports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, excellent connections by sea, inland waterways and land, and plenty of room for existing and new activities. This offers golden opportunities for logistics companies that add value to products.

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