Room for chemical industries

The Port of Moerdijk has a strong and extensive chemical cluster: Industrial Park. It is directly linked via pipelines to the chemical clusters of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Vlissingen and the Ruhr Area. The connections by water and railway are excellent as well. Chemical and petrochemical industries still have plenty of room to grow at Moerdijk.

Opportunities for growth

The Port of Moerdijk has room. Physical room: over 130 hectares freely available for chemical and chemistry-related companies and activities.

And environmental room, too. There is room for companies that are subject to the most stringent environmental classifications. And: room to grow. For decades, companies such as  Shell, Dr W. Kolb and Lyondellbasell have found that Moerdijk offers an excellent business climate.

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Exchange of residual streams

The chemical cluster continuously creates synergy. Companies exchange basic raw materials, such as ethylene oxide, ethylene and propylene. 

Residual streams find their way to new users. Steam, CO2 or hot water may be waste for one company, but a raw material for another. And in the area of logistics, too, companies find each other, for example by combining the logistics of chemical products.

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Excellent facilities

Specialised maintenance

Moerdijk offers many business advantages to chemical and chemistry-related companies. The Industrial Park is fully equipped for chemical and chemistry-related activities.

The Industrial Park offers excellent facilities for rapid handling and transport. A large number of maintenance companies and logistic service providers have applied themselves specifically to the chemical sector. There are many opportunities for tank storage and cleaning. This creates the room to do business. Various companies can supply industrial gases or provide specialised services. The excellent location, directly on the water, the growing number of short-sea lines, the optimal water, road and railway infrastructure, and the many-branched system of pipelines add extra impetus.

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