Doing business

Establishment Committee

Are you interested in establishing at Moerdijk? And would you like to obtain an early insight into whether you meet the various license requirements? The Establishment Committee of the Port of Moerdijk makes this easy for you. This is a one-stop shop that provides you with comprehensive advice at an early stage in order to ensure a smooth licensing process.

n the Establishment Committee, all official bodies are represented with which a business may have to deal in case of applying for a license to establish. This includes the Municipality of Moerdijk, the Environment Agency for Central and West Brabant (OMWB), the Province of Noord-Brabant, the Dutch Department of Public Works, the Brabant Delta Water Board, the fire brigade and the Port Authority of Moerdijk. This Committee assesses early requests for advice in the areas of the environment, potential sources of nuisance for the immediate vicinity, spatial planning (zoning) and the Housing Act (building permit). The Establishment Committee issues a preliminary advice to the Port Authority of Moerdijk.

Would you like to establish in an existing building? Then, too, you can call upon the Establishment Committee to assess whether your business activities are suitable to the location concerned.

Please contact the secretariat of the Establishment Committee in order to apply.