Connection to Europe

If you wish to easily connect to all destinations within Europe, choose Moerdijk. The Port of Moerdijk is the fourth largest and most inland located sea port in the Netherlands. The open connection to the sea and the maximum freedom of choice for railway, road, pipelines, inland waterway or sea shipping bring all of your final destinations within reach.

Excellent short-sea connections

The Port of Moerdijk has an open connection to the North Sea, going inland, at a distance of less than four hours of sailing from the sea. From Moerdijk, a growing number of short-sea connections will take you further towards your destination.

The short-sea connections take you directly to every corner of Europe: from the Baltic StatesĀ and Scandinavia to England, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. New services are still being launched all the time. The customs facilities that exist on site ensureĀ rapid handling and passage.

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Maximum freedom of choice

Inland waterway, sea shipping, railway, road and pipelines

At Moerdijk, you can choose the mode of transport that is most cost-effective for you. Inland waterway, roads, railway and pipelines are all at your disposal.

At Moerdijk, inland shipping routes, roads, railway and pipelines are directly connected to a variety of short-sea lines. Goods, raw materials and semi-finished products arrive via ship, train, lorry or pipeline and continue on from Moerdijk, bundled or processed, via inland waterway, sea or land. Moerdijk as a bridge to Europe. Flexible and intricate.

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Congestion-free to your final destination

Moerdijk does not have the congestion problems experienced by nearby mainports. From the Port of Moerdijk, you are easily on your way to your final destination, without traffic jams or congestion.

The fast turnaround times at the port itself also make this possible. There are no long waiting times at the quay in Moerdijk. Handling is fast and takes place at the terminals. Since Moerdijk is the extended gate for the mainports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, the rest of the world is also within reach. Continued travel without the need for documents and without an administrative fuss, easily on your way to the European hinterland as well as global markets.

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