Doing business

What ties entrepreneurs to the Port of Moerdijk is: room. Moerdijk offers them the room to grow, to expand into new markets, to realise sustainability goals And: to truly choose. To choose for sea or inland shipping, railway shipping, pipelines or transport by road.

Connection to Europe

If you wish to easily connect to all destinations within Europe, choose Moerdijk. The Port of Moerdijk is the fourth largest and most inland located sea port in the Netherlands. The open connection to the sea and the maximum freedom of choice for railway, road, pipelines, inland waterway or sea shipping bring all of your final destinations within reach.

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Room for chemical industries

The Port of Moerdijk has a strong and extensive chemical cluster: Industrial Park. It is directly linked via pipelines to the chemical clusters of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Vlissingen and the Ruhr Area. The connections by water and railway are excellent as well. Chemical and petrochemical industries still have plenty of room to grow at Moerdijk.

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Room for logistics

Due to its strategic location, the Port of Moerdijk is a pre-eminent logistical hotspot. All the required space is given to logistic activities at the TradePark and Distriboulevard. A new Logistics Park to be developed adds extra room: designed especially for companies that add value to raw materials and goods. The field of value added logistics is given optimal room to grow in Moerdijk.

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Safety and security

The Port of Moerdijk excels in safety. It has several focus points in this regard. The Port participates in a comprehensive safety program that includes different regional and national safety partners. Due in part to a professional fire brigade, a brand new, innovative alarm system, smart enforcement policies and a modern communication centre, Moerdijk provides an excellent safety performance. It is also among the best secured ports in the Netherlands.

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Sustainable port

Development and growth are possible only if they occur in balance with the environment. This awareness is widely shared at Moerdijk. By entrepreneurs as well. They find ways to reduce their ecological footprint and to limit nuisance. The Port Authority of Moerdijk cooperates with entrepreneurs, authorities and other parties in order to achieve sustainable goals. In this way, the Port of Moerdijk is evolving into the most sustainable port of Europe.

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Establishing at the Port of Moerdijk

Excellent facilities

The Port of Moerdijk has plenty of room for new business activities within the various parks: Logistics Park Moerdijk, Industrial Park, TradePark, Seaport and EcoPark. Please contact us immediately to discuss the best location and facilities for you.

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