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Frequently asked questions:

  1. What are the prices of available land?
  2. I want to become a member of the Moerdijk Industrial Complex Business Association (BIM), where can I go?
  3. I want to establish my company on the Moerdijk port and industrial complex; what do I need to know?
  4. Which authorities should I approach for the necessary permits?
  5. I have a question about the public services (sewer connections, damage report, etc.) where should I go?
  6. I would like a list of companies on the Moerdijk port and industrial complex. Can I get one?
  7. I have a question about an invoice. Whom should I consult for harbour dues, rail guarantee, wharfage, permits?
  8. Where can I go for Harbour tariffs?
  9. When I am in the Moerdijk port and industrial complex, to whom must I go for example to clear goods, have  goods shipped, etc.
  10. Can I take on drinking water in the harbours?
  11. Where are the waiting quays?
  12. Where are the various companies that are active on the Moerdijk port and industrial complex?
  13. From whom or where can I reserve buoys?
  14. What are the possibilities at your company for graduation projects, practical experience, vacancies?
  15. I would like to know more about Short Sea Shipping, where should I go?
  16. Where can I go for warehousing and transhipment and what does this cost?


Q 1.

Sale prices are dependent on the location, for more information you can contact the Commerce/PR/Communication Manager, mr J.G.J.M Vaes MPM, +31 168 38 88 80, SV@havenschapmoerdijk.nl.

Q 2.
The Moerdijk Industrial Complex Business Association (BIM) is an association.
The members are companies established within the Moerdijk port and industrial complex. The aim of the association is to represent the interests of the members in the broadest sense of the words.

Q 3.
Companies wishing to become established on the complex can submit a request via the Moerdijk Port Authority to the Advisory Committee for New Establishment.

For more information on this subject you can also download the general conditions for establishment of Moerdijk Port Authority, 2005.

Q 4.
Existing companies can come to the Moerdijk Port Authority regarding permits for driveways, pipelines for the drainage of rainwater, outlets in the sewer system of the Moerdijk Port Authority, cables, lighting columns, mooring posts, moorings and similar items, hydraulic engineering and jetty construction and temporary or double utilisation of terrain.

Moreover, existing companies can also become involved with the authorities. This can be the Municipality of Moerdijk (construction permits) of the Province of Noord-Brabant (Environmental Permits Act). For the discharge of (waste) water the Waterschap Brabantse Delta is the licensing authority (WVO permit), sometimes there is also a permit required from the Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management (RWS).

Q 5.

Via the general telephone number +31 168 38 88 88 you are directly connected to the departments in question, where you can ask your question or make your report or complaint. Via the homepage/contact it is possible to submit reports or complaints related to administration directly via the Internet.

You can also find the contact details of the Moerdijk Port Authority here.


Q. 6

Via Business-to-business/companies/companies index, you can download a companies list.

Q 7.

For questions concerning Harbour dues, Rail guarantees and Wharfage you can contact the Commerce/PR/Communication Manager, mr J.G.J.M Vaes MPM, +31 168 38 88 80, SV@havenschapmoerdijk.nl.

With regard to permits, please use the Administration department via the Site and Harbour Master mr R.E. Verhulst BSc, +31 168 38 88 77, RV@havenschapmoerdijk.nl.
Other questions about invoices can be put to the Finance & Control department; the Controller is mr Y.P. Snijders, +31 168 38 88 66, YS@havenschapmoerdijk.nl.

Q 8.

To receive the tariffs, mail your details to info@havenschapmoerdijk.nl.

Or click here to download the Tariffs for 2009.

Q 9.

Via Business-to-business/companies/companies index, you can download a companies list. You can sort them and/or search them on company name, harbour number, etc.

Q 10.

Drinking water for inland navigation vessels is available at the waiting quays in the Roode Vaart. Drinking water for marine vessels can be ordered from the Municipal Port Authority of Dordrecht, http://www.dordrecht.nl/, general telephone number: +31 78 639 89 89, Fax: +31 78 639 80 80.

The Drinking-water boat brings the water to Moerdijk by order.

Q 11.

Waiting quays for inland vessels are in the Roode Vaart harbour. To get there by car, follow harbour number 96. For seagoing vessels there are 2 waiting berths in the Zuid Hollandsch Diep. These are the property of the Moerdijk Port Authority.

Q 12.
Via the companies index you can find data on companies, for example visiting address, harbour number, website.

Q 13.
A vessel with a maximum length of 150 m and a draught of max. 8.10 m, can moor on a combination of buoys 1–3. The combination 5–7 is suitable for vessels of maximally 120 m and a draught of 8.30 m.
The waiting berths can be reserved via the Moerdijk Harbour service +31 168 38 88 88.

Q 14.
At the moment there are no vacancies at the Moerdijk Port Authority. For more information concerning work experience and graduation assignments please contact the Internal Affairs Manager, mr J.A.H.M Broeders,

+31 168 38 88 61; JBr@havenschapmoerdijk.nl.

Q 15.

There is a special office for information related to Short Sea Shipping. All information about Short Sea Shipping can be found on the website: http://www.shortsea.nl/

Q 16.

Moerdijk Port Authority does not itself provide warehousing and transhipment but it does offer these facilities. The company invests in sites and quays to facilitate (potential) clients and there is sufficient space for covered and open storage provided by various companies. Information can be selected via the index of established companies at Moerdijk.
Harbour dues for seagoing vessels visiting the port of Moerdijk, are calculated according to the guidelines of Rotterdam Port Authority Harbour. Dues for inland vessels are levied by the Moerdijk Port Authority itself.