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SBIM (Moerdijk Industrial Complex Security Association)

The Moerdijk Industrial Complex Security Association (SBIM) has the purpose of protecting the Moerdijk seaport and industrial complex in an adequate manner at a cost that is as low as possible.

The SBIM carries out preventive security measures and services to prevent risks to the established companies in the areas of criminality and nuisance. The security service operates in a strongly service-oriented manner and aspires to cost reduction for the consumers of the services through efficient performance. Companies establishing themselves on the Moerdijk industrial complex as of 1995 are 'obliged' to take part in the collective security association.

The Association achieves its aims by offering security products. This occurs in close collaboration with the Moerdijk Industrial Complex Business Association (BIM), the Municipality of Moerdijk, the Moerdijk Police Team and the Moerdijk Port Authority. The services comprise the performance of surveillance services, guarding access roads/escape routes (in the future closing  with 'speed gates' and sliding fences), camera monitoring, sounding the emergency alarm, as well as the provision of prevention advice.

Dutch businesses are confronted by substantial damages ever year as a result of criminal activity and fires. Under the banner of the National Platform for Crime Control, a hallmark was developed as an instrument to adequately approach these problems. Security in the Moerdijk seaport and industrial complex has been brought to a high level. As a result of this, the complex is the first to be certified in the framework of the Safe Enterprise Hallmark (KVO-B). On the 23rd of June 2004, Mayor Den Duijn as Chairperson of the SBIM received the first certificate from the KVO.

The secretarial offices of the SBIM are carried out by the Moerdijk Port Authority, for more information please +31 168 38 88 71, SBIM@havenschapmoerdijk.nl.

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