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The smart choice in the Rotterdam area


The Moerdijk Port Authority likes to maintain open communications with its neighbours about the comings and goings of the port and industrial complex.

There are regular discussions with the neighbourhood, the Port Authority, companies and The Association for the Preservation of the Outlying Area of Moerdijk about activities that take place on the Moerdijk port and industrial complex. For this purpose the Moerdijk Neighbourhood Council was instituted.

The environment is an important aspect. Research is undertaken into the environmental effects of the Moerdijk port and industrial complex. The results of research are published in the "Moerdijk port and industrial complex Monitoring Report".

Furthermore, the management and co-ordination group Moerdijk Environmental and Safety is active in relation to environmental and safety matters that can affect the proper functioning of the Moerdijk port and industrial complex. They do this by:

  • bringing parties together and expanding initiatives oriented towards the sustainability and revitalisation of the Moerdijk port and industrial complex;
  • picking up signals from the surrounding area in relation to the environmental burden and safety with the aim of improving these communications;
  • fulfilling an intermediary role between companies and authorities in the area of licensing and upkeep within the framework of environmental legislation.