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The smart choice in the Rotterdam area

Moerdijk is surprising and versatile.


It is a common expression in Brabant. “Someone comes from above or below the Moerdijk”.
The Moerdijk port and industrial complex is a node for business activities located in the Municipality of Moerdijk, which is the largest municipality in terms of area, of Noord-Brabant. The port and industrial complex is accessible from all points of the compass via shipping, rail, road network and pipeline. It provides a climate in which entrepreneurs have a warm welcome, where many people work not only who come “from above or below the Moerdijk”, but also of international origins. Moerdijk is located in an environment in which it is good to live and recreate for the employees. In short: Moerdijk is surprising and versatile.

The municipality of Moerdijk has five main centres and sixteen townships, villages and towns.
The main centres are Zevenbergen, Fijnaart, Klundert, Standdaarbuiten and Willemstad. They are very different.

Zevenbergen. For more information about the townships: