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Rules and regulations

Various rules and regulations in the Port contribute to the safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly processing of the shipping traffic.

The international rules of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO, www.imo.org
), such as SOLAS (and amendments such as the IMDG code and IBC) and national rules - including the directives of the European Union – are in force in the Moerdijk port. The Port also has a number of “house rules”, which are established in the Port Regulations.
The Port Regulations contain specific rules for vessels carrying hazardous cargo.

You can keep yourself informed about all activities that take place in the port and any changes in the regulations by means of notifications to shipping.
Applicable regulations:Shipping Traffic Act and Inland Navigation police regulations

  • Shipping Regulations for Territorial Waters
  • Compulsory Pilotage Decree 1995
  • Declaration Holders Decree, Shipping Traffic Act
  • Regulations for Registered Pilots Decree
  • Prevention of Pollution by Vessels Act
  • Transport of Hazardous Materials Act
  • Port Regulations for Rotterdam 2004
  • Port Regulations for Schiedam and Vlaardingen
  • Port and Site Regulations, Moerdijk Port Authority 2005

Exemptions and permits
The Harbour Master can issue an exemption in order to deviate from certain regulations. Moreover, he can issue a permit for special activities such as repairs and cleaning.

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