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The smart choice in the Rotterdam area


The port of Moerdijk and its surrounding businesses can be described as a multi-purpose port.

In the port, among other things, the transshipment of general cargo, containers, bulk (including glass, timber, construction materials, sand and gravels), neo-bulk products, steel, construction and demolition timber waste, etc.

The port area is well equipped to carry out all these activities quickly and efficiently. To give you an idea of the capacity:

  • various quays with a total length of 5 km
  • draught up to 8.9 metres in the Central Harbour basin and 8.4 metres in the other harbour basins
  • 32-metre wide ro-ro ramp
  • 48-metre wide ro-ro runway 
  • liquid proofed loading/unloading pit with overflow device
  • weigh bridge 70 tons
  • mobile loading bridges (with or without pontoon)
  • mobile container with overflow device
  • general cargo cranes up to 42 mt (combined up to 65 mt)
  • cranes up to 40 mt, 60 mt crane, Gottwald HMK 300E
  • floating cranes (12–25 mt), mobile cranes (5–25 mt), container crane, bridge crane (15–25 mt)
  • reachsteakers, transtainers, terminal tractor units, container trucks

Rapid transit is possible due to the unique combination of hinterland connections, via road, rail or inland navigation. The Moerdijk port is free of congestion, waiting time and strikes.