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The smart choice in the Rotterdam area

Port of Moerdijk

The Moerdijk port is accessible for seagoing vessels in approximately 3.5 hours sailing time from the North Sea via the Nieuwe Waterweg, Oude Maas, Dordtse Kil and Hollandsch Diep. The inland waterway from Rotterdam has no locks.


Inland vessels can reach Moerdijk via a widely branching inland waterway network, via among others, the Rhine, the Meuse, the Scheldt, the Volkerak, the Haringvliet, Markiezaatsmeer and various canals. Moerdijk is part of the Trans-European Network of waterways and is for this reason an ideal operational base.

From Moerdijk to Antwerp is approximately three hours sailing time.


Furthermore, you will find topical information on the port and an impression of the facilities and companies on the Moerdijk port and industrial complex.

Click here to download a map of the location and extra information.