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The smart choice in the Rotterdam area


The Moerdijk Port Authority is a compact and effective organisation with 24 co-workers. They perform advisory, service provision and executive activities for the benefit of the development, construction, issuance, management and exploitation of the Moerdijk port and industrial complex.

The administrative area is 2,345 gross hectares. Of this 1,200 net hectares are available as an industrial complex and port. In total, around 8,000 people work on the port and industrial complex and the same number can be regarded as indirectly employed.

The Moerdijk Port Authority monitors the Unique Selling Points and the added value by making sure that there are optimal facilities available and remain so, that these activities are carried out in a proper manner and by further responsible expansion.

Thus, both wet and dry commercial sites have been developed along with the appurtenant facilities like roads, sewers, green areas and quays. Moreover, the Moerdijk Port Authority takes care of the maintenance of roads, has dredging work carried out to keep the harbour basins at the correct depth and keeps the complex neat and tidy.

The Moerdijk Port Authority has developed the concept of park management.
This concept enables us to offer a range of services to established and prospective companies, for example, the maintenance of green areas, infrastructure and lighting and also the spreading of salt during the winter months.

The Moerdijk Port Authority supports companies during the establishment process (Advisory Committee for New Establishment) and, if desired, with acquisition activities and trade delegations.

The Moerdijk Port Authority runs the general office of the BIM (Moerdijk Industrial Complex Business Group), the SBIM  (Moerdijk Industrial Complex Security Association) and the Moerdijk Neighbourhood Council.