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The smart choice in the Rotterdam area


The Moerdijk port and industrial complex is centrally located and offers many possibilities to transport goods to and from the Netherlands and from here onwards to the European hinterland. Moerdijk is accessible via road, water and rail and is located on the international pipeline route. This puts Moerdijk on the map as an international node.

The management of the terrain, the Moerdijk Port Authority, is developing both wet and dry commercial sites with the appurtenant facilities, such as roads, sewers, green areas and quays. Moreover, the Port Authority handles the maintenance of roads, arranges for dredging activities to keep the harbour basin at the correct depth and keeps the site tidy.

Moerdijk Port Authority has developed a concept for parkmanagement. This concept also provides services to established and prospective companies, for example, not only the maintenance of the green areas, infrastructure and lighting, but also the scattering of salt during the winter months and security.