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Advisory committee on (new) establishment

Before a company can establish itself in a certain location on the site, it must first be considered if its business activities fit in. The company must first fill in a questionnaire, which provides an insight into its business activities.

All agencies with which a company can become involved with a new establishment
are represented in the advisory committee for new establishment. They are the Municipality of Moerdijk, the Province of Noord-Brabant, the Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management (RWS), the Brabant Delta Water Board and the Moerdijk Port Authority. The advisory committee tests at an early stage requests for advice in the areas of the environment, possible hindrance for the immediate surroundings, spatial planning (zoning plan), Housing Act (planning permission).

In its assessments, the advisory committee observes the ground rent adjustment framework for approval and consent for business establishments, amendments of commercial activities, commercial relocations and the disposal of land. With reference to this investigation, a preliminary report is submitted to the Manager of the Moerdijk Port Authority. On the basis of this advice, a decision will be taken on the sale and/or lease or long-term lease of land.

Companies that wish to establish themselves in existing properties
, should also submit a request to assess whether the business activities in an existing location fit in. The assessment is returned by the Moerdijk Port Authority. In the event of a positive assessment, the disposal of the properties and/or establishment of the company may continue.

Download here the questionnaire for new establishment