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The smart choice in the Rotterdam area


The Moerdijk Port Authority wants the chances of mutual collaboration between the companies to be as high as possible. In this way, similar types of companies are accommodated as much as possible together.

The collaboration between companies is promoted from within the Moerdijk Management and Co-ordination Group for Safety and the Environment, by looking at promising projects for companies. In this connection not only the exchange of Co2, carbon dioxide, among companies can be mentioned, but also the supply of residual heat to each other and the use of industrial water (B-grade water) instead of fully purified water. This means that energy and the environment are being treated in a concerned manner.


For more information about the Co2  reduction plan: www.co2-reductie.nl


Via the list of companies already established on the Moerdijk port and industrial complex, you can see which and what type of companies they are, where they are situated on Moerdijk and you can visit their websites, if any.


The Moerdijk Port Authority is happy to introduce you to the Port Handbook. In it you will find interviews with established companies and general information about the port and industrial complex.