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The smart choice in the Rotterdam area


The Moerdijk port and industrial complex, with its 400 companies, is a platform for business-to-business contacts and relations. The established companies provide important added value for companies that do business, or intend to do so, on the Moerdijk port and industrial complex.

The business community is organised in an association, 'the BIM' (Moerdijk Industrial Complex Business Association).

If you would like to have more information about one of the established companies, you can download the companies index of Moerdijk port and industrial complex at the bottom of this page, and link directly to the website of the company in question. To download the companies index of Moerdijk port and industrial complex Adobe Reader versie 7.0 is required.

The Moerdijk Port Authority also fulfils a pivotal function in business-to-business contacts between established companies and prospects. The Port Authority can function as an intermediary in contacts between existing companies, not yet established companies, authorities and other organisations. One could think of support in the establishment process and, if expedient, with acquisition activities and trade delegations.

The unique selling points of the Moerdijk port and industrial complex are:

  • Centrally located on an infrastructural node, which offers many possibilities to transport goods to and from the Netherlands and from here onwards to the European hinterland
  • Accessibility via the modalities seagoing shipping, inland navigation, road transport and rail. Moreover, Moerdijk is connected to the European pipeline network. This puts Moerdijk on the map as an international node
  • A great diversity of established companies, whereby related business activities are located in the neighbourhood of each other (clustering), such that they provide direct spin-off, not only for each other, but also for companies regionally, nationally and internationally

The Moerdijk Port Authority provides good facilities so that the companies are given the opportunity to optimise their business activities and responsibly expand.

Moreover, the Port Authority is very careful in its business location policy and wants to create a good climate for companies to do business in.

Companies index of Moerdijk port and industrial complex